What We Do

The program is designed to empower young children with both theoretical and practical skills coupled with cultural, entrepreneurial, ethical and behavioral skills. This will make them responsible people able to self-discipline and create a bright future for them. This program is created for undetermined period of time and will help 150 vulnerable children from surrounding community that actually have difficulties to access to enrichment, recreational, cultural and educational programs every year. This is vital to their mental, moral, social, physical and intellectual development. Gisimba Memorial Center is expecting to accomplish this program with the help of the already available resources and others that are expected to be received from backers. To be a quality afterschool, GASPI has adopted New Jersey’s quality standards for afterschool.

Field trips

Field trips are always important in life of children as they provide them with new opportunities of exploring the world and live the reality of their surrounding environment. This will involve taking children at different attractive places countrywide, where we think, they will get nurturing knowledge.

Homework and Academic Tutoring

From Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 6pm-7:30 pm, volunteers and academic facilitators help children to do their homeworks and check out their daily performance to ensure their improvement. Those who are found in need for further support


This is all aboutcreative arts focusing on developing children’s talents and passion in art. Activities will be focused on painting, drawing and handicrafts to promote the spirit of creativity, visual learning, cultural awareness, imagination and experimentation.


Initiative every Saturday at 18:00pm and would sometime invite role models in different aspects so as to inspire children and motivate them in such different ways which would be helping them in the future.Hygiene and cleanliness education
A well maintained hygiene is an important aspect of a child sustainable