“Akagorobak’abana” is a concept developed by Gisimba Afterschool Program that is aimed at giving a child the opportunity to discuss matters that surround them into their community, what they think is best for them while stimulating free choices, it is intended also to enhance their social interaction and a well conducted behavior that would certainly impact their lives.

Akagorobak’abana is conducted by the leaders of Gisimba afterschool program Initiative every Saturday at 18:00pm and would sometime invite role models in different aspects so as to inspire children and motivate them in such different ways which would be helping them in the future.

Hygiene and cleanliness education

A well maintained hygiene is an important aspect of a child sustainable development. Hence, children should be taught principles of good hygiene in order to avoid infections and other diseases caused by poor hygiene. Good hygiene education provide children with knowledge and understanding about behavioral changes that keep them healthier in later life.

Sexuality education

Even in our traditional culture, talking with children about sex was unsettling for parents. They believed that this could encourage their children become sexually active, but referring to various researches; it has been found that this would delay sexual activity and prevent unwanted pregnancy if they were able to have more open and honest conversation about sexual issues. Bearing in mind that sexual development begins at birth which is not only sexual changes that occur when a child grows up, but also sexual knowledge and beliefs they come to learn and behaviors they show; GASPI intends to set out such program to provide them with information appropriate to the child’s age and developmental level.

Life etiquette or good manners education

Children ought to learn good manners in their early age in order to build a strong relationship with families, friend, and other folks in their social life. It is normally from families that children should be taught good manners and other values and ethics, but the problem is that, only few of them can have access to those invaluable skills due to different negative influences affecting children’s personal and social behavior from their social environment.  GASPI  walk them through each type of relationship and situations, so as to foster well mannered relationship and behaviors.