1. Art
This is all about creative arts focusing on developing children’s talents and passion in art. Activities focused on painting, drawing and handicrafts to promote the spirit of creativity, visual learning, cultural awareness, imagination and experimentation. This  also positively impact children’s physical, cognitive and social skills.
2. Music
With a well-equipped music room, children are provided with practical training to explore and improve their inborn intelligence. This make it easier for children to acquire music skills that let them know their talents both in singing and performing music instruments. Finally, the program set out a music band where children  have chance of
3. Dance and Drama
Dance and drama be used to inspire children’s love for art and boost their self-confidence. Theatre and drama enhance children’s nonverbal communication skills, creativity, collaboration and language development.
4. Cultural activities
This component consists of imparting children with knowledge and skills in traditional dances, theater, history, traditional values, and poetry. Choreographic troop  be the created in order to give children opportunities to develop their cultural related skills early in their childhood as an adequate way of promoting the Kinyarwanda language.