1. Homework and Academic Tutorial

From Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 6pm-7:30 pm, volunteers and academic facilitators help children to do their homeworks and check out their daily performance to ensure their improvement. Those who are found in need for further support receive appropriate guidance.


  1. Reading and writing

GASPI consider its Library already available, to enrich children’s writing and reading skills in order to improve their speaking and spelling level. Most importantly, this activity create the culture of reading amongst children at their earlier age. With the librarian ready to assist children, they  be aware of the importance and usage of a library. Children get open mind and innovative spirit of reading, writing and many other art skills.

  1. Computer skills

This refer to basic computer skills namely keyboarding, computer vocabulary, computer files organization, Microsoft office, safe internet usage and digital communication, the use of web browser, and doing online research. Children be inspired with love for technology and understand the great importance of ICT in people’s everyday life.

  1. Entrepreneurial and Basic Project Management Skills

It would be a major success for Rwanda, if its youth were able to shape the right path and bright future for them to stimulate our country sustainable development. It is in this perspective that GMC through GASPI set out   extended projects and trainings intended to raise their assertiveness, proactiveness, alternative and creative thinking level for teenagers. They also get increased capacity and willingness in overcoming gaps to find opportunities of new profitable and feasible businesses creation. On the other hand they learn how to express and successfully implement their creative, development and constructive ideas through the acquisition of basic project management skills. Provision of consultative services for youth and bidding of trainings in entrepreneurship, business management and work readiness related courses,  be realized through the creation of career orientation base in Gisimba Memorial Center, to help children in their career decision making.



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