4 Injured Persons in Manhattan

At least four people were injured in an explosion at Manhattan underground terminal, New York, United States (US). One person arrested in connection with the explosion was also reported to be injured.

“A total of four injuries were reported at the site of the explosion at the Port Authority, all injuries expressed as non-life-threatening,” the New York Fire Department statement said on its Twitter account, as quoted on Monday (11/12/2017). It is not known for sure whether these four wounded were among the men arrested.

Two New York Police sources (NYPD) who understand the situation, ensuring one male man is arrested in connection with this explosion.

Initial information submitted by two US law enforcement sources mentioned, there are indications of a pipe bomb exploded by accident in this incident. It has not been officially confirmed by the New York authorities.

But another New York police source said the captured man might have triggered an explosion and injured himself.

The explosion reportedly occurred on Monday (11/12) morning, at around 07.30 local time, during rush hour. Police reported the explosion occurred at a bus station between 42nd Street and 8th Avenue, Manhattan.

A number of witnesses called the panic had occurred after the explosion hit. People ran after hearing an explosion-like sound. There are screaming and scrambling to get out.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Donald Trump are reported to have been briefed on the incident.

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