Gisimba Memorial center  is now opening up the educational facilities it always provided for those living in the orphanage for the benefit of children in the whole community.  This has resulted in a new program called GISIMBA AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM INITIATIVE (G.A.S.P.I) which aims to provide children and young adults the opportunity to explore skills and talents through educational, recreational, cultural and Arts activities.
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Gisimba After School was established in 2014 by Gisimba Memorial Association after the establishment and the execution of the Rwandan government policy of deinstitutionalization where children who were living in the orphanages could be able to be reintegrated in their families or adopted locally within the community.

Gisimba Memorial Center have undertaken such initiative because they believe that a child has a right to education, play and grow in a more moral and ethical behavior. Children who attend the program has an opportunity to learn, play and discover.
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The mission of GMC

The Gisimba Memorial Centre defines its mission, purpose, according to the following three components.


first component

Supervise, assist and support vulnerable children in the accomplishment of their mission: to educate, socialize and reintegrate all children welcome.


second component

Ensure that children has access to quality after school programme with a  diversified services to meet a variety of needs of vulnerable children


third component

Promote dialogue with the social, economic, cultural and community to develop broad and supportive community for vulnerable children.

GASPI  is charitable programme

The GASPI creates for the child the environment and circumstances to explore and discover his or her own unique set of talents through different educational, cultural, sporting and artistic activities.  This happens through the provision of a secure and safe space, both physically and emotionally, and the facilities for them to interact, play and discover.
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